Kirki's charms

Circe was a greek godess of magic, sometimes a nymph,a witch, a sorceress, the daughter of Helios, the sun god. In other words she was the godess of metamorphosis: ''Complete change of form, structure, or substance, as transformation''. 

Kirki's charms is a greek brand producing handcrafted jewellery. Known for its statement blend of antique and modern from victorian and baroque to contemporary influences Kirki's charms aesthetic represents an intersection of tradition and modernity. Everything, past and present is going on at the same time.

Designs mostly oversized, stunning pieces handcrafted and embelished with different and unusual materials. Feathers, crystals, resin, embroideries, lace or pearls anything and everything comes together to create each final item.
Multi everything orchestration, manifesto.

Ideal designs to make a statement thanks to their mismatch from playful to dramatic.

Bring out your feminine contradictions.